If you've reached the age to claim State Pension Credit, you may be entitled to a second adult reduction.

Second adult reduction can help you pay less Council Tax. It is not based on the money you have but on the money other people who live with you have. They could be someone like a relative or a friend; we call these people non-dependants.

Even if you are not entitled to get Council Tax Support yourself, you may still qualify for the rebate if the non-dependants who share your home are over 18 years of age and on a low income but are not:

  • your partner
  • paying you rent
  • liable to pay Council Tax themselves
  • a joint owner of the property

If you are entitled to Council Tax Support and second adult reduction, we will pay the one that gives you the most money.

The table below shows the amount of rebate as a percentage of Council Tax.

Second Adult Rebate (percentage of   Council Tax)


Second adult on IS, JSA (IB), ESA   (IR) or pension credit


Students *


Second adult’s gross weekly income   less than £194.95


Second adult’s gross weekly income   £194.95 - £252.50


Second adult’s gross weekly income   more than £252.50


*Full time students are disregarded for Council Tax purposes. A property occupied solely by students receives a 100% rebate. If you need more information about students, please ring 01395 517446.

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