We provide and manage 3 cemeteries in East Devon, which are Seaton, Sidbury and Sidmouth cemeteries.

How we control our cemeteries is set out in regulations that have been approved.  The current regulations for Sidmouth cemetery were approved in 1952, the current regulations for Sidbury cemetery were also approved in 1952 and the current regulations for Seaton cemetery were approved in 1974.

There have been minor changes made to the regulations since that time but it is now proposed to introduce a new, single set of regulations which will apply to all 3 cemeteries.  These have been drafted by drawing on parts of the old regulations, upon recent experience and from best practice from around the country. 

Before the new regulations can be approved, we are consulting with a wide range of organisations and individuals with an interest in our cemeteries including funeral directors, monumental masons, grave diggers and members of the public. 

We would be extremely grateful if you could please take the time to consider our draft cemetery regulations and take part in the consultation process

All comments will be considered as part of the review and in preparation of the final regulations.