Seaton Urban District Council

Regulations for the control and management of the cemetery

  1. Notice of burial.
    1. Notice must be given to the Clerk of the Council between the hours of 9.30 am to 1 pm or 2 pm to 4 pm of any burial at least two clear days (excluding a Saturday and Sunday) prior to the burial.  The Clerk of the Council may, in his sole discretion, waive this requirement when the body requires immediate treatment.
    2. The notice of burial must be in the form prescribed by the Council and must contain the names, description, place of abode and age of the body to be buried, the day and place of death, the day and hour of the proposed burial, the name of the Minister (if any) intended to officiate, and details of the grave in which the body is to be buried if the exclusive right of burial has been purchased.
  2. Selection of Graves.
    1. The selection of the grave for any burial will be at the sole discretion of the Clerk of the Council, except for a burial to take place in a grave for which the exclusive right of burial has been granted.
    2. The purchase of the exclusive right of burial in any grave shall be subject to the approval of the Council which may, at its sole discretion, give or withhold such approval.
  3. Hours of burial. 
    The hours during which burials may take place shall be from 10 am to 4 pm on Mondays to Fridays.  The Clerk of the Council may at his sole discretion grant permission for a burial to take place between the hours of 10 am to 4 pm on Saturdays.
    No funeral may take place within half-an-hour following the time appointed for an earlier funeral.
  4. Minister to Officiate at Funeral. 
    The person having charge of a funeral must make arrangements with the Minister or clergyman intended to officiate.  The Council will undertake no responsibility in this matter, but the fee due to such Minister must be paid to the Council in advance.
  5. Registrar's Certificate.
    The Registrar's Certificate of Death or the Coroner's Warrant must be delivered, prior to the burial, to the Clerk of the Council. 
    In the case of a still-born child the requisite medical or other certificate must he delivered, prior to the burial, to the Council.
  6. Re-opening of Graves.
    1. No grave, other than such a grave as is referred to in the next following paragraph, shall be re-opened within a period of 25 years following a burial, except for the purpose of an exhumation in accordance with a Coroner's Order, a licence of the Home Secretary; or Faculty granted by the Ordinary.
    2. A grave, in respect of which the exclusive right of burial has been granted by the Council, shall not be re-opened except for the purpose of the burial of a member of the same family, in which case a layer of earth at least one foot thick shall be left undisturbed above the previously buried coffin.  If, on re-opening a grave, the soil is found to be offensive, such soil shall not be disturbed, and in no case shall human remains be removed from the grave.
  7. Coffins. 
    Only wooden coffins will be allowed.
  8. Consent of Owner. 
    No grave in which the exclusive right of burial is held shall be re-opened without the prior consent in writing of the registered owner or for the burial of the said registered owner.
  9. Memorials.
    1. The only memorial permitted on any grave shall be lawn headstones mounted on concrete slabs of size 4' x 2' with a base not larger than 3' x l' (so as to allow at least 6” between the base of the headstone and the edge of the concrete slab).  Any memorial shall be laid to the satisfaction of the Council's Chief Technical Officer and any memorial not so laid may be removed by the Council. (Revised by EDDC 15.3.76)
    2. All inscriptions and plans of memorials must be submitted to the Council for approval prior to being provided.  In case any question shall arise on the fitness of any inscription proposed for the Consecrated portion of the Cemetery such question shall be referred to and determined by the Lord Bishop of the Diocese.  In the case of any question on the fitness of any inscription proposed for a portion of the cemetery which is not consecrated, such question shall be determined by the Council after seeking such advice as it deems necessary or advisable.
    3. The continuance of any memorial over any grave, in which the exclusive right of burial has not been purchased, will not be guaranteed by the Council for a period longer than 25 years after the burial therein.  At the expiration of such period of 25 years the Council reserves unto itself the right to remove any such memorial to another part of the Cemetery.  Every reasonable endeavour will be made to consult with the nearest surviving relative before any memorial is removed.
    4. The number of the grave shall be clearly and conspicuously marked on any memorial erected thereon at the expense of the person providing such memorial.
    5. All memorials shall be kept in repair by the owners thereof to the satisfaction of the Council.
  10. Hours of Opening. The Cemetery will be open to the public daily  throughout the year between the hours of 10 am and sunset. Children under 10 years of age will not be allowed in the Cemetery unless accompanied by a responsible adult.
  11. Nuisances.
    1. No smoking is allowed in the Cemetery.
    2. No dogs are allowed in the Cemetery.
    3. Visitors to the Cemetery must observe perfect decorum, and the Council reserves the right to eject from the Cemetery any person committing any nuisance or acting indecently or violently.
  12. Register of Burials.
    A Register of Burials will be maintained by the Clerk of the Council, at the Council Offices, where searches may be made and certified extracts obtained during normal office hours.
  13. Fees.
    The fees payable to the Council shall be as determined by the Council from time to time, and shall be paid in advance.  Such fees are exclusive of the cost of opening a grave, which work the Council will not undertake.  Funeral undertakers must make their own arrangements for the digging of graves.

These Regulations for the Management and Control of the Cemetery were approved and adopted at a meeting of the Urban District Council of Seaton held in 1974.