We carry out the Cranbrook Community Questionnaire every year. There’s a wide range of organisations involved in planning the future of Cranbrook and what people that live in Cranbrook tell us in the questionnaire can make a difference.

In 2015 residents really wanted a pub (due to be open after Easter 2017) and more for young people to do (Community Development Worker has made this a priority, including working with young people to start a community ‘mocktail’ bar and pop-up cafe). There was also strong support for a leisure centre, a swimming pool and a gym which is being used to make the case for these new facilities being put in.  

People that live in Cranbrook could fill in the 2016 questionnaire up until 16 January 2017. We are now inputting all the completed questionnaires and then will analyse the data and write a report on the results.

The results (all anonymised) will be used to help us make the case for new facilities and services, and bring them forward at the right time. Without residents' direct input, it makes it much harder to do this.

The questionnaire was sent to every home in Cranbrook and has been prepared by East Devon District Council and Cranbrook’s Community Development Worker at Action East Devon (formerly EDVSA). There were also questions from other organisations such as Cranbrook Town Council and Devon County Council too! 

As a thank you for their time in responding, residents could enter a prize draw to win £100 of vouchers of your choice. We will do the prize draw in due course. They could also sign up to receive the results and find out what we are doing about what they told us.

Again, this year we included a questionnaire for young people aged between 11 and 18, so we can also help make Cranbrook better for them!