We are researching, consulting on and writing a Development Plan for Cranbrook. This will set out how this new East Devon town grows in the future and how it could become a happy, healthy, successful town suitable for all.

 Cranbrook has just marked its fifth birthday and help is needed to create a town that meets all future residents’ needs. In just five years Cranbrook has grown from zero to 1,300 homes. In the next five year it will more than double in size, and again in the next five! Cranbrook will be as big as Barnstaple in just 20 years.

The latest stage of the writing of this Cranbrook Development Plan was a public consultation on the issues that Cranbrook faces, and the options for how it develops in the future. This consultation was open from 13 June until 25 July 2016.

We are currently analysing the consultation responses. Thank you if you took part and sent us your comments. We will publish a summary of the results from the formal questionnaire when we have them.

Where comments have been received that raise issues needing further consideration, additional evidence will be collected and research conducted.

Out of all the potential options under the different key issues, decisions will be made on which are the most relevant or appropriate bearing in mind all the feedback received. We will then consult widely on these “preferred options”, including draft policies. After that, the decision will have to be made as to the final policy position.


13 June to 25 July: consultation on Cranbrook Issues and Options Report

Autumn 2016: East Devon District Council considering representations received and draft Preferred Options Report

Summer 2017: Cranbrook Preferred Options report considered by Strategic Planning Committee at East Devon District Council. 

Summer 2017: Consultation on Cranbrook Preferred Options Report

Autumn 2017: East Devon District Council consider representations received and draft submission Cranbrook Development Plan document

2017/2018: Submission Cranbrook Development Plan Document considered by Development Management Committee, East Devon District Council.