We are researching, consulting on and writing a plan for the future of development in Cranbrook, which will be called the Cranbrook Plan. Once finished, this will set out how this new East Devon town grows in the future and how it could become a happy, healthy, successful town suitable for all.

In just five years Cranbrook has grown from zero to 1,600 homes. In the next five years it will more than double in size, and again in the next five! Cranbrook will be as big as Barnstaple in just 20 years.

The latest stage of the Cranbrook Plan is that we’ve drafted a document that sets out a preferred approach for how we see Cranbrook developing in the future. You can have your say on this draft ‘Cranbrook Plan: Preferred Approach’ document from 10 November 2017 until 8 January 2018. 

We are very keen to hear your thoughts and comments on this preferred approach, where you think we’ve got it right and where you think we should be amending the plan.

Take part in the consultation and find out more

At the end of this consultation we will carefully consider all comments received, look to refine the approach to the development of Cranbrook and write the policies needed to deliver the expansion of the town. A final period of consultation will be carried out before the document is submitted to the Planning Inspectorate for examination.  


10 November 2017 – 9 January 2018: consultation on Cranbrook Preferred Approach Documents

Winter and Spring 2018: We will consider representations received, if required produce additional evidence and draft the final Cranbrook Plan document.

Late Spring – early Summer 2018: A report of the consultation on the Cranbrook Plan: Preferred Approach document, and the final draft of the Cranbrook Plan document will be considered by our Strategic Planning Committee and Full Council. Endorsement will be sought from those committees to start consultation on the final draft of the Cranbrook Plan (the one for publication) and to submit the plan to the Planning Inspectorate for examination.

Late Summer 2018: Submission of Cranbrook Plan document to the Planning Inspectorate.