A questionnaire for young people was devised by EDVSA and East Devon District Council. A paper copy of the questionnaire was hand delivered with the Cranbrook Community Questionnaire for adults to all the occupied households in Cranbrook with a pre-paid return envelope in November 2016.

Young people also had the option of completing the questionnaire on EDDC website. In addition questionnaires were completed by young people at the Cranbrook Youth van and also at the new secondary school part of the Education Campus in Cranbrook.

We don’t know how many young people aged 11 to 18 live in Cranbrook, but suspect it is not that many. We received 53 completed questionnaires back.


  • The best things about living in Cranbrook are; the park, the schools and it’s a new community with all new buildings.
  • The worst things are that there’s nothing to do or not enough to do and there aren’t enough shops.
  • 94% said there isn’t enough for young people to do. When asked what they would like added the most popular requests were; more shops (especially a sweet shop), a skate park, a swimming pool and a wider variety of activities and clubs.
  • 57% don’t feel part of the community in Cranbrook, mainly as there is nowhere for them to go and nothing to do to be part of the community, and there just aren’t enough / any community things to do.
  • 64% were aware that the youth van comes to Cranbrook every Monday and Thursday, 56% of those that were aware of it had visited the youth van. Of those that were aware of it but hadn’t been there their largest concern was that troublemakers go there and cause problems.
  • 60% are aware of the drop in health clinic, 36% of the people that were aware of it had used it. When asked for comments on the drop in health clinic the most common comments were that it’s too small and the people are nice.
  • What asked what they would like the facility or space in Cranbrook for young people to be the most popular suggestions were for a youth cafe (17), arts and crafts workshops (12) and a youth centre (10). The majority of young people would prefer this to be in a building on its own (57%).
  • When asked what one small thing they would like to happen in Cranbrook to make it better for young people, the most popular comments were; more parks and play areas, more things to do, a skate park and more shops.