There are projects going on to spend £82,000 of sports money and over £46,000 of play money that is available in Seaton. All of this funding has come from new homes created in Seaton through section 106 agreements. 

These are joint projects with Seaton Town Council


In 2014 we gathered in ideas from the community on how £82,000 of section 106 money from new homes in Seaton should be spent. We received nine eligible, affordable and possible ideas from the community and from sporting organisations. 

279 residents of Seaton voted on which of the proposals should be funded. The successful ideas were: 

  • Creating a mini adventure golf course with landscaping features to replace the current simple putting green in Seafield Gardens. Project cost: £74,000.
    Update: Leisure East Devon are carrying out this project as they will be running the mini adventure golf area. They are currently asking companies for designs.  
  • A sports activity wall in Elizabeth Road play area, this would include a tennis and throwing practise wall and basketball/ netball hoop. Project cost: £6,000
    Update: Work will be started on this project once the mini adventure golf project has been completed. 


There is £62,608 available to spend on the Underfleet play area in Seaton. We have worked with the town council to find out what local children and young people want to spend the money on.

Seaton Town Council has decided to add the £80,000 of land transfer money they have available to them for improving youth facilities. The town council added £14,600 of their own to the funding available. This means there is now a total budget of £157,208 for the Underfleet play area improvements.

The town council have asked companies to send in their designs within what the children and young people want and the budget available. Once we have designs back from several companies local children and young people will get to vote on which design is installed.