There are projects going on to spend £54,000 of sports money and over £50,000 of play money that is available in Honiton. All of this funding has come from new homes created in Honiton, called section 106 agreements. 

These are joint projects with Honiton Town Council.


In 2014 we gathered in ideas from the community on how £54,000 of section 106 money from new homes in Honiton should be spent. We received three eligible, affordable and possible ideas from the community and from sporting organisations. As the projects added up to £49,900 they could all be funded. The projects were:

  • A pétanque court to be located at Mountbatten Sports and Social Club at a cost of £14,400. There are currently people in Honiton that play pétanque and have to travel many miles to be able to play. 
    Update: This project has happened and the petanque playing area is now open.
  • A metal sports wall, containing a netball/ basketball goal in particular to be located at Allhallows Field at a cost of £15,000. 
    Update: The Town Council have chosen the design and the sports wall will be installed by the summer.

  • Installing a permanent safety barrier around one of the rugby pitches at Allhallows Field. This will help to bring the facilities up to the standard of other clubs playing at their level and will meet some of the recommendations the Rugby Football Union make for safety purposes. Project cost: £20,500. 
    Update: This has now been completed by Honiton Rugby Club.


There is over £50,000 to spend on play in Honiton. We have worked with the two Honiton primary schools to find out what the children and young people want to spend the money on.

We are waiting for Honiton Town councillors to decide which play areas the money should be spent on and for what age groups (bearing in mind that it has to be spent within 600 metres of the development that contributed the money). 

We will then ask play companies to submit their designs to us with the budget and the specifications of the children and young people. Once we have designs back from several companies local children and young people will get to vote on which design is installed.