Woodbury Salterton is within the parish of Woodbury. 

We are currently spending sports and play money available in Woodbury and Woodbury Salterton. All of this funding has come from new homes created in Sidmouth, called section 106 agreements. 

These are joint projects with Woodbury Parish Council


In 2014 we gathered in ideas from the community on how £32,400 of section 106 money from new homes in the parish of Woodbury should be spent. We received six eligible, affordable and possible ideas from the community and from sporting organisations. 

Residents of the parish of Woodbury voted on which of the proposals should be funded. The successful ideas were: 

  •  A multi-use games area containing markings and goals for sports such as football, basketball and netball. Project cost: £25,000. 
    Update: This project is receiving extra funding from elsewhere. Woodbury Community Playing Fields Committee completed this project and it is now ready for use.     
  • An outdoor gym, this would be traditional gym equipment suitable for permanent outdoor use.  Project cost: £15,000
    Update: Parish councillors decided that this should go into the recreation field in Woodbury Salterton. We received designs from several companies and residents got to vote on which design would be installed. The first part of the winning design has now been installed. with the rest going in once the extra funding comes in. 


There was £22,300 to spend on play in Woodbury Salterton. We worked with Woodbury Salterton Pre-School and Primary School to find out what the children and young people want to spend the money on.

We asked play companies to submit their designs to us with the budget and the specifications of the children and young people. Local children and young people then got to vote on the designs. The winning design has now been installed into the Sage's Lea play area.