Direct feedback from local residents is the most important measure of how we’re doing, so we are asking for local residents views.

This is the online version of our Viewpoint Survey questionnaire for the residents that received a copy in the post.

Fill in the Viewpoint Survey

Only residents that received a copy in the post can fill this out, and will be asked for the unique code that appears on their letter. This is because we sent a copy of the questionnaire out to 3,000 randomly selected residents and to make sure the results are statistically reliable we need to make sure only those randomly selected residents are able to reply.  

In the short survey, we ask for people's views on East Devon District Council’s services.  Asking our customers for feedback is central to our core values of ‘great services and great service – first time, every time’ and ‘innovative, always improving’.

Residents views have already made a difference! In the last survey, residents told us they wanted to recycle cardboard and mixed plastics. This is now going to happen and the service will be rolled out across East Devon. This year our survey includes questions about responsible dog ownership, which will be used to help us plan the immediate future of this important service.

 We will be publishing the results of this survey and information on what we are doing with the results.  

Find out more about the last Viewpoint Surveys from 2014