How we did it

We undertake a bi-annual user satisfaction questionnaire of Manor Gardens, Exmouth. On several occasions EDDC Officers went out into Manor Gardens and asked a total of 100 people using the gardens to answer 23 set questions, the questionnaire was completed by the Officers like a face to face interview.

Summary of results

• Satisfaction on the cleanliness of Manor Gardens remains high this year with 99% saying they felt the cleanliness was fairly good to very good.

• 99% of the respondents felt the floral displays were very or fairly good, the same as in 2012.

• Similarly with the signage and interpretation 91% of respondents felt this was good.

• Again the seating and benches response was excellent, all respondents felt this was good to very good.

• All of the 16 respondents who said they had spoken to the gardening team agreed they were knowledgeable, courteous and polite and 15 felt the gardener was helpful.

• All the respondents said they felt very to fairly satisfied with their overall visit to Manor Gardens, very similar to previous years.

• Out of the 50% of respondents who said they did not live in or around the Exmouth area 53% said the standard here was better or about the same as where they lived, 47% felt the gardens where they lived were better.   • Only 15% felt the gardens have got worse over the last three years, 70% felt they had got better.

• Only 25% knew what a Green Flag Award is.

• The vast majority of comments about Manor Gardens were very positive. Respondents favourite things about the gardens were the flowers and plants, the cafe and the seating. There were very few people that suggested improvements but the most common were requests for a toddler play area and signs put in place from the seafront to direct people to the gardens.

What we are doing about what you told us

The vast majority of the results were very positive, but there were some concerns shared by a few people. These are listed below, with our answers to the concerns

You said: Could there be more signage for the gardens from the seafront, we didn’t know they were here.

Our response: Exmouth Town Council are organising an art trail so maybe we could get the gardens signposted as part of the trail, if they aren’t already. We’ll talk to the town clerk and find out. There are also a couple of pedestrian signposts in the area, we will see if we can add the gardens onto these signposts. 

You said: Manor Gardens has a Green Flag, I don’t know what that means. You need to tell people.

Our response: The Green Flag is a national award so it’s up to them to publicise it nationally. We have told them they need to publicise the award more and explain what it means. When we receive a Green Flag we publicise it and what it means in the local media and on the council’s website, Twitter and Facebook. However, this information may well not be seen by visitors to East Devon.

You said: Could there be a toddler play area?

Our response: We are hoping to create a small area with activities for toddlers. We are working with the owners of the cafe in the gardens to provide this. We will pay for the equipment and the cafe owners will look after it and store it inside at night. The equipment will be in keeping with the gardens and won’t be permanent fixed equipment.