The Exmouth Coastal Community Team is a local partnership which includes East Devon District Council and a range of people and businesses from Exmouth who have an understanding of the economic issues facing the area.

The team has submitted an economic plan to the Government highlighting the economic challenges affecting Exmouth and detailing how it intends to reinvigorate the town in order to help it become a more attractive and growing destination to visit, live and work in for years to come.

Exmouth Economic Plan

Exmouth Socioeconomic Profile

The Exmouth Economic Plan identified the need for a visitor survey and this was undertaken during 2016 by The South West Research Company.

The objectives of the research were to set a baseline, establishing:

  • Current leisure visitor profile and experience
  • Visitor expenditure – quantifying the value of Exmouth's visitor economy.

The information is published in three reports as follows:

Agendas and action notes from the CCT meetings are published below:

Agenda 27 August 2015, minutes 27 August 2015

Agenda 5 January 2016

Notes 5 January 2016

Agenda 4 March 2016

Notes 4 March 2016

Agenda 19 May 2016

Notes 19 May 2016

Agenda 22 July 2016

Notes 22 July 2016

Agenda 30 September 2016

Notes 30 September 2016

Agenda 9 December 2016

Notes 9 December 2016

Agenda 10 February 2017

Notes 10 February 2017

Notes 15 March 2017

Agenda 7 July 2017

As of October 2017 the Coastal Community Team has merged with the Exmouth Regeneration Programme Board.