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Policy Safeguarding vulnerable adults policy

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2. Our commitments

We will seek to tackle the following issues, as we have responsibilities:

  • We can influence other organisations to improve vulnerable adults lives
  • We might inadvertently employ people who are a risk to vulnerable adults
  • We provide some services which could aggravate or resolve adult safety issues
  • We have some opportunities to identify potential risks to vulnerable adults, and to directly influence their lives through the services the council provides
  • Our officers or councillors could be placed in situations where they may be accused of inappropriate behaviour towards vulnerable adults
  • We need to ensure that our concerns and warnings to other agencies do not go unheeded
  • We need to ensure strong links with Devon Safeguarding Adults Team

How will we go about it?

  • Have clear policies and procedures for employees and councillors.
  • Communicate these policies
  • Check awareness of these policies
  • Ensure that other council policies reflect processes and sanctions related to abuse of vulnerable adults
  • Have (and promote to staff and councillors) clear communication channels in case of suspicions about abuse, or other risks
  • Appreciate, and advise officers and councillors, that we can be held to account for safety issues
  • Engage with the issue, and also engage with local/Devon County Council arrangements (for example, a local safeguarding adults board)
  • Reflect issues about vulnerable adults in our risk management approaches
  • Have a formal process for notifying and recording warnings to other agencies about potential abuse