Councillors and co-opted members must remember:

They must declare the nature of any dis-closable pecuniary interests. [Under the Localism Act 2011, this means the interests of their spouse, or civil partner, a person who they are living with as husband and wife or person with whom they are living as if you are civil partners]. They must also disclose any personal interest.

They must disclose their interest in an item whenever it becomes apparent that they have an interest in the business being considered. They must make sure they say what their interest is as this has to be included in the minutes [For example, "I have a dis-closable pecuniary interest because this planning application is made by my husband's employer"].

If their interest is a dis-closable pecuniary interest they can't participate in the discussion, can't vote and must leave the room unless they have obtained a dispensation from the council's monitoring officer or standards committee.

Department for Communities and Local Government - Openness and transparency on personal interests