Axminster town  - Ian Hall

Culture  - John O'Leary

Exmouth town  - John Humphreys

Employment/Business  - Mike Allen

Health and wellbeing - Cherry Nicholas

Member development and engagement  - Maddy Chapman

Neighbourhood planning  - Mark Williamson

Planning design and heritage  - Alan Dent

Procurement  - Graham Godbeer

Rural  - Paul Carter

Sport and Recreation - Darryl Nicholas

Tourism  - Jenny Brown

Youth  - Mark Evans-Martin

Each lead councillor keeps a focus on their area of responsibility by:

  • raising the profile of the issue and demonstrating the council's commitment to the issue
  • fostering the engagement of a wider range of members in the review and development of the issue
  • promoting effective communication and positive working relationships both within the council and amongst partners, stakeholders and community groups
  • promoting the positive work that is being undertaken within the district, both at a regional and national level
  • providing positive support, and on occasions constructive challenge, to officers in driving forward the council's plans on the issue