The money we collect pays for all the services provided by:

If you have a query regarding the amount charged by any of the above organisations then to save yourself time, please contact the relevant body direct.

How is my money spent? - 2018/19 explains about budget and spending plans in East Devon. The following financial information was used to work out the Council Tax charge:

Revenue and Capital Estimates - 2018/19

Town and Parish Councils with budgets over £140,000 - 2018/19

Parish Precepts and Council Tax Bands - 2018/19:
Schedule 1 - Breakdown of a band D charge by parish
Schedule 2 - East Devon District Council charge (including Town/Parish tax) by parish
Schedule 3 Council Tax charge (all bands) by parish


The average 2018/19 Council Tax charge for a band D property in East Devon is £1,805.27 and is made up as follows:

Precepting authority

Average Council Tax

Change from previous year

Devon County Council



Police and Crime Commissioner for Devon and Cornwall



East Devon District Council



Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Authority



Town and Parish Councils (average)