Introduction to orienteering.

This is a sport that combines navigating and walking/running. Your challenge is use this map to find 12 markers called control points hidden around Seaton Wetlands.

Take an introduction to orienteering guide with you so that you can complete the check points as your navigate the route.

The Map

Look at the colours, scale and symbols before you start. Use the main path network (you do not need to cross any ditches to complete it). There are areas to avoid marked with dark blue, light green or red hatching. Do not enter these areas.

You will find it easier if you orientate the map so that it matches the features on the ground. Keep doing this each time you change direction and identify the features as you go.

Take the Kingfisher map with you.

The Controls

These are marked on the map by numbered purple circles. When you get to each point you will find a red and white marker with a number and letter.

You need to check you have found the correct number and then mark down the letter in the box on your introduction to orienteering guide to prove you found it.

The finish

Once you have completed course go to the Discovery Hut to check your answers.

For more information about the sport go to

There are a range of orienteering routes in Seaton which the Countryside team have developed in partnership with Seaton Devon. Maps are available at Seaton Tourist Information Centre  or at the wetlands for all courses.