Hire the off-road mobility scooter (Tramper)

The Countryside team is keen to improve access to Seaton Wetlands for visitors with limited mobility, the a off-road mobility scooter ( Tramper) is available for hire when trained staff or volunteers are on duty.

Find out about hiring the off-road mobility scooter.

Guided visits for visually impaired visitors

We have a number of volunteers who have been trained to guide visitors with a visual impairment around the Wetlands.

Please contact the Countryside team to plan your visit.

 Working with Heritage Ability to Improve Access

The Countryside team is proud to be working with lottery funded Heritage Ability project to improve access to Seaton Wetlands.

A number of staff and volunteers have taken part in Disability and Deaf Awareness training in order to make Seaton Wetlands accessible for all.

Contact the Countryside team to plan your visit and discuss access requirements.