Once the deadline has passed all applications undergo an eligibility check. If your application is incomplete or ineligible we will not take it any further.

If we have any queries on your application we will send those queries to the main contact for the application by email. They will need to respond by the deadline given or we will not take your application any further.

Once your application has been passed as eligible it will be evaluated and presented to the New Homes Bonus Panel of EDDC Councillors and a Councillor from Devon County Council, for a decision to be made.

The fund aims to support projects that are:

  • needed locally
  • of benefit to two or more parish / town council areas
  • supported by the local community
  • evidencing how they have explored opportunities to work with others
  • well thought out and planned
  • in receipt of the 20% of project costs from elsewhere

 You will be told in writing around the end of March 2019 whether your grant application has been successful or not. Successful applicants will receive a grant offer letter which must be signed and sent back to us within one month.

 All monies must be claimed within 12 months of receiving your grant offer letter.