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Guide Rules for the Communities Together Fund

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1. How much you can apply for

  • There is a total funding pot of around £195,000. This made up of £1.10 per elector in East Devon, plus the unallocated funding from the Parishes Together Fund which money was allocated to in the same way.
  • You can apply for a maximum of £30,000 and a minimum of £400.
  • A minimum of 20% of the total costs of your project must be funded from other sources. For example, for a project that costs £10,000 in total, you can apply to this fund for a maximum of £8,000 and must find a minimum of £2,000 of the money to pay for the project from elsewhere. You should have at least the vast majority of your match funding in place before applying to us, preferably all of it.
  • If the organisation paying for the project is VAT registered and is able to claim back VAT, you must only apply and claim for the net amount (total amount minus VAT). 
  • We’ll pay grants upon receipt of invoices and receipts for the project as outlined in the application form unless you agree an exception with us in advance.
  • There is likely to be a lot of competition for the funding, so not all projects will be funded. Have a good think about how much you really need and what other funding you might be able to find from elsewhere.