How much can you apply for?

There is a funding pot of £1.10 per elector in each parish involved. The numbers of electors is taken from the electoral register as it stood in February 2016. Numbers of electors within your parish

For example if you are in Beer (1,097 electors) and decide to work with Seaton (6,068 electors), you would have 7,165 electors in total. 7,165 electors X £1.10 per elector = £7,881.50

You can apply for funding for more than one project, as long as you don’t apply for more than the funding you are eligible for (£1.10 per elector).

We will pay for grants of over £4,000 upon receipt of invoices and receipts, all other grants will be paid up front. If you are claiming for over £4,000 and the organisation paying for the project is VAT registered so is able to claim back VAT, you must only claim for the net amount (total amount minus VAT).  

Who can apply

Only Town and / or Parish Councils can apply for this funding. If you have a project you would like funded and are not a Town or Parish Council speak to your Town / Parish Councils and they may wish to get involved and apply on your behalf. Find out how to contact your local council.

Town and Parish Councils searching for projects that would help their local area that need funding often find it useful to contact their local voluntary and community groups.

Which projects are eligible for a grant?

  1. All applications must involve two or more Town or Parish Councils, the aim of the funding is for Town and Parish Councils to work together on projects. Following a decision of collective support for an application, nominate a lead council to complete the application form. The officer managing the fund and the decision-makers must be satisfied that the project will benefit more than one Town or Parish and that they are working together.
  2. Every Town or Parish Council involved must make a proportionate financial contribution to the project from their own funding.
  3. Applications must show towns and parishes involving their communities to try to solve local issues. Projects that create useful networks across parishes involved will be looked on favourably.
  4. Grants are for capital (one off costs, costs of a permanent item, structure etc) and / or revenue costs (day to day costs, temporary items, events etc). We will not fund unsustainable projects, salaries for ongoing posts, individuals, private businesses of for profit enterprises or revenue costs for existing projects.
  5. Funds cannot be used directly for on-going staff costs or day to day running of a project, unless this is during a transition phase with documented evidence of how the project will become sustainable post transition.
  6. Funds should not be used to support projects that are the direct responsibility of another agency.
  7. Funds will not be allocated retrospectively. Work must not start on the project before you have received a letter offering you the grant.
  8. You can’t apply for funding for the same project twice.
  9. All grant money awarded must be spent and claimed within 12 months of receiving your grant offer letter.
  10. Please send supporting documents where possible. This could include things such as; quotes for project costs, details of offers/ grants from any other funder/ organization, photographs, specifications and drawings, extracts from your Parish Plan(s), evidence of consultation e.g. letters of support.

The exception to the rules above - ditches and drainage projects

The only exception to the 10 rules above happens when when you are applying for funding for ditches and drainage projects in relation to the prevention of flooding.

Applications for ditching and drainage work are exempt from rules numbers 1, 2, 6 and 8 above. This means you can apply as individual parishes for ditches and drainage projects, you can apply even though Devon County Council are responsible for ditches and drainage, and you can apply more than once. As well as the remaining rules above, the following are additional rules for ditches and drainage works in relation to flooding:

  1. Proposed work will need to increase frequency or be of a higher standard than that currently offered by Devon County Council.
  2. Work will need to be carried out subject to the guidance available from DCC Highways. 
  3. All ditches and drainage works must be approved by Devon County Council’s Flood Risk Team and the Environment Agency before being carried out.

When to apply?

The closing dates for applications are 24 June 2016, 4 November 2016 and 8 February 2017. The fund is confirmed for this year only. Once the deadline is reached incomplete applications will not be assessed.

How will we assess your application?

Once the deadline has passed all applications undergo an eligibility check. If your application is incomplete or ineligible we will not take it any further.

Once your application has been passed as eligible it will be presented to a group made up of EDDC Councillors and a Devon County Councillor, for a decision to be made. They will take into account a number of factors such as:

  • Evidence of local need
  • How Parishes are working together
  • Evidence of community support
  • How well the project has been thought out and planned
  • Project costs and any match funding

You will be told in writing whether your grant application has been successful or not. Successful applicants will receive a grant offer letter which must be signed and sent back to us within three months.

All grant money awarded must be spent and claimed within 12 months of receiving your grant offer letter.

What else can I send to help support my application?

You may also wish to include the following to support your application:

  • Quotes for project costs
  • Details of offers / grants from any other funder / organisation - Photographs, specifications and drawings
  • Extracts from your Parish Plan(s)
  • Evidence of consultation e.g. letters of support