Your application will be validated by council officers to ensure you have completed the form fully and comprehensively and included all the supporting documents and evidence you needed to include.

We will contact you if we have any queries, with a deadline to respond by. Any incomplete applications by these deadlines will not be assessed and will be returned to you.  

A panel of EDDC Councillors will then evaluate the application form, taking advice from relevant officers where appropriate, to determine what (if any) Rent Support Grant you will be eligible for. The evaluation will be based entirely on the information you provide on the form.

Once they have evaluated your application you will be notified of the outcome at the contact details you have included in your application form. We would anticipate decisions being made within around 6 weeks of these closing dates.  The decision of the EDDC panel of Councillors is final, there is no appeal process.

If your application is successful we will send you a grant offer letter in the post which you will need to sign and return to us before you can access the funding.