This Review focuses on eighteen evidence-based activities grouped in six priority areas, listed in the Public Health Priority Actions Implementation Plan as agreed by Cabinet in Spring 2014:

  1. Targeted family support
  2. Prevention of cardiovascular disease in priority communities
  3. Raising levels of physical activity across the life-course
  4. Falls prevention
  5. Emotional health and wellbeing
  6. Actions to address poverty and provide support for those experiencing hardship.

In a fully multi-disciplinary approach, teams across the Council including Housing, Countryside and Environmental Health have embraced opportunities to work together to combat inequalities and encourage healthier lifestyles. Particular efforts have focused on priority communities in Exmouth, Honiton and Axminster.

We have sought effective and creative ways of achieving this within existing resources. The Review illustrates what we can achieve, reminds us of our priorities, and demonstrates that we have made excellent use of the two-year funding received from Devon County Council for public health activities.