We have a number of free training opportunities for tenants coming up in 2015.  If you are interested in any of the courses detailed below please contact the tenant participation team. 

Introduction to Social Housing

  • This course offers an overview of social housing from the past to the present, exploring the origins of social housing, the vision, purpose and aims of housing providers. It looks at how social housing is funded and regulated, who provides it, the primary activities, rights and responsibilities and external relationships of social housing providers.

What's the value?

  • This course explores the idea of ‘value’ in social housing. Too often ‘value for money’ ends up being about cost cutting and
    money, missing out the ‘added value’ or knock on the effects of housing providers work. Tenants are increasingly being asked to get involved their landlords Value for Money assessments; this is an essential course for tenants who are involved or getting involved.

Budgets for Beginners

  • Explains why and what financial records have to be kept, roles and responsibilities how to bring together bank statements and petty cash, double-entry book keeping and reporting.

Introduction to Housing Law

  • A great opportunity to learn about the basics of housing law from a resident perspective. The course looks at the key housing Acts and identifies the rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords. It looks at individual and community contracts, the tenancy agreement, different types of tenancies and protected rights, repairs and anti social behaviour laws and also examines security of tenure from the start to the finish.

Easy Chair

  • The chair's role and how to manage meetings effectively. Identify skills and qualities that you need, the range of helpful tools and tactics and dealing with difficult situations.

Getting started with a computer: keyboard and mouse skills (half-day, two sessions)

  • This course is intended for people with little or no experience of using a computer. It is designed to help you to master the first steps of using a computer and to help you to feel comfortable with using the keyboard and mouse. The course will be run by Cosmic and Get Digital, East Devon District Council.

Computing for beginners (half day, six sessions)

  • This course is suitable for people with some very basic knowledge of using ICT. The course will be run by Cosmic and Get Digital, East Devon District Council.

Please note the venues and dates are to be confirmed once expressions of interest are obtained.