If your home is affected by disrepair or dampness or it lacks basic facilities, we may be able to help.

We offer information and advice about housing matters generally and details of any financial help which may be available.

Financial help can take the form of grants and/or loans. Some of these types of help may still be under development.

We are committed to help the people in greatest need. That means those living in the poorest conditions with the least ability to tackle the problems themselves.

Typically, our priorities include:

  • Repairing and improving very poor standards in homes
  • Improving heating and energy efficiency
  • Minor repairs/weather proofing
  • Improving home security
  • Discretionary help with disabled adaptations
  • Assistance to bring empty homes back into use
  • Providing adequate fire precautions and amenities in houses in multiple occupation
  • Reducing radon levels in homes

For further advice please contact us at or by phone on 01395 571572