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Guide HMO Licensing application form guidance

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2. Application fee

  1. Complete Application Form per property = £350
  2. Incomplete = £350 + (additional charge) £150
  3. Assisted application form = £350 + (additional charge) £150
  4. Where a person is the proposed licence holder for several properties   there will be a reduction of £30 for the 2nd and successive applications. (1st application = 350 2nd application etc = £350-£30 = £320)
  5. All licenses will be valid for 5 years
  6. Applications for the renewal of an existing HMO licence where there is NO material change to the information provided originally and the declaration is signed, the applicant will be charged £175 per licence.  This charge will be the same for each renewal, there will be no reductions for several properties being renewed at the same time.  Where there are material changes to the information the application fee will remain at £350 per application.
  7. The licence is not transferable and therefore a new application will be required which will be charged at £350

The Application fee must be included as part of your application.

Please either complete the on line form or return the completed application form to us.