The overriding purpose of the housing service is to ensure a decent home for all that is affordable and adequate in size and suitably located. The Homes and Communities Plan sets out our key priorities and plans for housing across the district for the period 2012 to 2016.

Our housing activity is broad ranging and includes: homelessness prevention; providing, managing, and maintaining our council stock; regulating and improving other social rented, private rented (including homes in multiple occupation), and owner occupied housing; and developing more affordable homes. We are pro-active in bringing ‘empty homes’ into use.

However providing homes is not enough in itself – it is also important that the communities in which people live are balanced and sustainable. Getting this right contributes towards a good quality of life for our residents.

The plan sets out how we will deliver effective housing and community services in all these areas taking into account recent changes to legislation and the current financial difficulties being faced by many individuals and organisations.