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9. Sustaining our tenancies - help for new tenants

We are very keen that tenants are able to manage their tenancies properly, that they do not get into rent arrears or carry out acts of antisocial behaviour.

Helping new tenants:

We carry out an in-depth sign up interview with all new tenants. This covers:

  • ensuring the tenant understands the terms and conditions of the tenancy agreement, methods and frequencies for paying their rent and accessing benefits
  • checking if they have any particular support needs
  • highlighting opportunities to get involved
  • explaining how to report repairs and our service standards.

We aim to visit or telephone all new tenants between four to eight weeks of moving into their property to check that everything is going well for them. We will check whether they are paying their rent regularly, whether they are receiving their benefits, and that they are keeping to the terms of their tenancy conditions.

When tenants move into one of our sheltered properties we discuss with them the level of individual support they need, for example whether it is a visit every other day, or a phone call once a week.