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Policy Tenancy strategy

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8. Tenancy reviews and provision of advice and assistance at the end of a tenancy

The legal requirements to end the tenancy will be a matter for the registered provider.

The Devon Strategic Housing Group is currently working towards a common standard of advice and assistance and notification of tenancy end. We expect registered providers to adopt any common procedures or policies with regard to advice and assistance at the end of a tenancy.

Registered providers must set out in advance their criteria for renewing a tenancy. Criteria for not renewing a tenancy will be limited to:

  • Size: tenancies should not normally be granted for properties that are significantly larger than the household requires unless set out in local lettings policies.
  • Income: tenancies should not be granted if the income of the household is above the income limit as set out in Devon Home Choice Policy.
  • Extensive adaptations: Tenancies should not be renewed if the properties include the provision of extensive adaptations that are no longer required.
  • Possession proceedings: breach of tenancy conditions can only be used as a ground for non-renewal of the tenancy if possession proceedings have already been started that's to say where a notice has been served.
  • The rent account is in arrears at the time of the review or has been in arrears for at least six out of the last twelve months. Exceptions can be made for tenants getting assistance with their rent from Housing Benefits, for whose who are considered to only have minor rent arrears, or those who have made, and kept to, an agreement to pay.
  • Properties that are due for redevelopment, disposal or demolition within the next five years.