For burst or frozen pipes follow the advice below and call us immediately for help and advice. 

Check your stopcock: before any emergency arises it is a good idea to make sure that you know where your stopcock is located and that you are able to operate it properly.  Check this by turning off the stopcock and checking that the water to the kitchen cold water tap stops flowing.  If your stopcock is inaccessible or not working please contact us and we will replace it or fit a remote switch 'sure stop'. 

If your pipes freeze: turn off the water at the stopcock. Switch off your boiler and immersion heater (if you have one). Turn on all your taps to drain the water. 

If you have a burst pipe: turn off the water at the stop tap. If water is coming into contact with any electrical wiring or switches then switch off the electricity at the mains. Switch off your central heating or immersion heaters and turn your taps off. If you live in a block of flats, warn your neighbours below that water may leak into their home.

Avoid burst or frozen pipes by adequately heating your home. If you have central heating with a thermostat set it to at least 10 degrees Celsius. If you go away for a few days leave the heating on for a short time every day.

If you have a 'sure stop' switch fitted we expect you to turn this off if you leave your home for a few days.