Preparing for a brand new repairs service – what you need to know 

  • The current agreement we have with our  Partners (MD Group and Skinners) to carry out repairs will come to an end on 30th June 2019.
  • We are  busy working on preparation for a new arrangement which will begin on  1st July 2019.
  • We have been working hard looking at our current service and considering where we could improve our services to you.
  • We have been involving tenants in lots of different ways such as working with the Repairs Service Review Group and Tenant Involvement Forum
  • We are introducing some changes to the contract that will focus on how we can achieve better value for money. We will do this by introducing the concept of a ‘price per property’ model.
  • ‘Price per property’ means we will pay one price per property. There will of course be rules around what is included and what is not included for this price. Improvements to look out for from  1 February 2019 of the new service will mean.
    • Appointment are made for all repairs the first time you ring up
    • Access to the service will be extended – longer working hours and some Saturday appointments
    • Properties to have an annual maintenance check, we hope this will reduce the number of repairs during the year
    • Handy person service to continue
  • We know that many of our MD Group and Skinners staff are familiar faces to you; don’t panic! Under legislation called TUPE (transfer of undertaking, protection of employment) you will continue to see the same team out and about even if the new service is not operated by our current Partners.
  • Interested to have your comments – please write to the Housing Service, EDDC, Blackdown House, Border Road, Heathpark Industrial Estate, Honiton EX14 1EJ or email