When you book onto a course you are entrusted to ensure this has been agreed with your line manager.

This workshop focuses the importance of your personal impact, in relation to the results you achieve and is for anyone who wants to make a positive impact and to improve their overall effectiveness at work.


This workshop will focus on:

  • Reflection and practical learning
  • Staying positive and tools for self-coaching
  • Setting compelling goals
  • Managing your time and tasks simply and effectively

By the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Have a greater understanding and acceptance of self and others.
  • Discover personal strengths to enhance self-confidence and self-image.
  • Establish goals for greater personal effectiveness.
  • Identify the attitudes and behaviours needed for self-improvement and progress and understand how to choose your mind set
  • Plan and prioritise your time to achieve meaningful objectives and move forward
  • Plan for the day/week ahead with a greater sense of control
  • Enhancing your communication skills - being assertive and being able to say "No"

Intended for:

All staff

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Personal Effectiveness

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Online Resources

There is a good article on the businessballs website on how to help build, boost, and develop self-confidence and assertiveness.