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This course is for administrators, team members or managers who need tools for helping them to manage and use large quantities of information. The aim is to help you to read faster, understand, organise, analyse and recall what you have read.


Speed Reading and Mind Mapping are two highly effective ways of managing. Speed reading is a set of skills and approaches which will allow you to double or even triple your current reading speed - with good comprehension. Mind Maps are powerful tools for absorbing information and organising large volumes of facts.

During this course delegates will learn and understand:

  • How the mind works - and how to use this to read faster and create Mind Maps
  • The main laws of Mind Mapping
  • The uses and benefits of Mind Maps
  • How to browse quickly and effectively
  • Six skills which will improve your reading speed
  • Exercises to help you read faster and understand more of what you've read
  • How to select an appropriate reading approach

Intended for:

All Staff

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Speed Reading & Mind Mapping

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