When you book onto a course you are entrusted to ensure this has been agreed with your line manager.

Learners will gain an overview of the key principles of Plain English.


They will be provided with a range of tools and techniques to use in their written work so that it is clear, understood by the reader and makes an appropriate impression of both the sender and the organisation.

Why use Plain English

  • Considering your audience
  • Compare and contrast - features of writing in Plain English
  • Structuring your writing
  • Using punctuation to good effect
  • Active v. Passive
  • Style of writing
  • Layout
  • Effectively making the change to your current style

Pre-Attendance Activity - Locate and bring with you examples of your written work, for example, letters, reports and emails

Intended for:

All Staff who write letters and emails

Course Dates

Course When Where
Writing in Plain English

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To book on a course please email the course title and the date you wish to attend to the Learning and Development Team. Please also let us know if you have any special requirements or would like us to make reasonable adjustments in order that you can get the maximum benefit from the training.  

If no dates are scheduled you will be able to add your name onto a waiting list and you will be contacted when a date has been arranged. To register interest in a future course please email the Learning and Development Team with the title of the course you wish to attend.


If you are registered, training is available via  e-learning, through Learning Nexus see the E-Learning page for more information about the courses available and how to access them.

Online Resources

The Plain English Campaign group offer a number of free guides and information which can be found here More useful information is available on the businessballs website