If you are named as designated premises supervisor (DPS) on a premises licence and you don't want to act in that role any more then you need to tell us.

If you don't let us know you'll still be responsible for authorising the alcohol sales at the premises unless the licence holder applies to vary the DPS.

How to tell us

You can use this online application to let us know that you no longer want to act as DPS.

You must also, within 48 hours:

  • give a copy of this notice to the licence holder
  • give the licence holder a notice asking them to send the premises licence to us within 14 days of them receiving your notice (if you are the licence holder then you must forward the premises licence to us)

If a DPS leaves the premises and tells us that they no longer want to act as DPS then the premises must stop selling alcohol until an application to vary the DPS (naming a new person to be DPS) has been given to us.