You'll need to pay an annual fee for your premises licence.  This fee will be due each year on the anniversary of the date your licence was first granted. 

Annual fees are based on the non-domestic rateable value of the property and the fee will stay the same each year unless the rateable value of the property changes.  You can find out more about how annual fees are calculated in our guide to licensing act fees.

We'll send you an invoice for the annual fee in the post around a month before the fee is due.  The invoice will tell you the date by which you'll need to have paid the fee.

You can pay your annual fee online.   You will be taken to our online payments page where you'll need to make a payment for sundry invoices.  You will need to fill in the invoice number and amount payable.  You can find all of these details on the invoice we sent you. 

If you haven't had an invoice from us and you think your annual fee is due please telephone us and we will check this for you.