You’ll need a premises licence if you want to run any of the following types of premises:

  • bingo hall
  • betting shop
  • betting (track) – these are sporting venues not just race tracks
  • amusement arcade (for adults only, or where adult machines are provided)

Types of premises licence

There are five types of premises licences:

  • casino premises licence
  • bingo premises licence
  • betting premises licence, including tracks and premises used by betting intermediaries
  • adult gaming centres (for category B3, C and D gaming machines)
  • family entertainment centres (for category C and D gaming machines)

If you want to run an unlicensed family entertainment centre you can apply for a permit instead.  Unlicensed family entertainment centres can only have category D gaming machines.  

How to apply

If you want to run a gambling premises listed above then you'll need to apply for a gambling premises licence.


In most cases you'll also need to apply for an operating licence and a personal licence. These are issued by the gambling commission and you'll need to contact them straight away if you don't already hold these licences.

Individual applicants must be aged 18 or over.

Displaying your licence

You must display the licence summary at your premises where it can be easily seen.

The other pages of the licence should be kept safely at the premises. Police, council officers and gambling inspectors can ask to inspect them at any time.

Length of licence

Most premises licences have an unlimited duration but you'll have to pay an annual fee.


Further information about premises licences and how to apply is in our guide to applying for gambling act licences.



If you have an issue with a premises that is licensed for gambling then you can tell us about this.  Please telephone us or send us an email. 

Public register

You can view details of existing gambling premises licences and a list of current applications on our licensing public register.