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Policy Licensing enforcement policy

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2. How we structure our regulatory activities

This policy helps to promote efficient and effective approaches to regulatory inspection and enforcement, which improve regulatory outcomes without imposing unnecessary burdens.  This is in accordance with the Regulators' Compliance Code. 

In certain instances we may conclude that a provision in the code is either not relevant or is outweighed by another provision.  We will ensure that any decision to depart from the code will be properly reasoned, based on material evidence and documented.

In planning and carrying out our activities we always have regard to the principles in the Regulators' Compliance Code.  It should be noted that our officers may need to move outside the principles of the code where individual operational circumstances necessitate them doing so. 

Our regulatory activities are focussed upon allowing and encouraging economic progress and supporting businesses, individuals and voluntary and community organisations to meet their legal obligations.  As part of that we will:

  • Keep our regulatory activities and interventions under review to reduce their burden on businesses, clubs and individuals, as much as possible
  • Risk assess our regulatory activities so as to target our resources where they will have greatest effect
  • Carry out inspections only where there is a reason for doing so, for example, as a response to intelligence or as part of our risk assessment process
  • Provide advice when it is requested  and to do so pro-actively where this is practicable
  • Only require data and information when it is strictly necessary for us in carrying out our regulatory activities