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Policy Street trading policy

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2. Policy

  1. All applications will be considered individually on their merits.
  2. Pitches will be allocated on a first come first served basis.
  3. All street trading permits will be limited to daily trading hours between 8am and 10pm.
  4. On the occasions that permits are issued to commence before 10.15am then if the permit holder has not occupied the pitch for which they hold a valid permit by 11.45am on any day when trading is permitted the council may re-let the pitch for the remainder of the trading hours of that day.
  5. Applications will be encouraged provided they are for goods to be sold from a stall, cart, barrow or other non-motorised vehicle that is in sympathy with the surroundings, adds colour and character to the locality and complies with all relevant legislation.
  6. The position and operation of any stall, barrow operated by a permit holder or people employed by them shall not cause any problems of road safety, obstruction to users of the road, or conflict with the requirement of emergency vehicles.
  7. The appearance of associated equipment or structures shall be of good quality and a photograph of the stall shall be sent to the licensing office before a permit is granted.
  8. The use of the pitch shall not be likely to cause problems of noise, smell or litter, or be inappropriate to the character of the event with which the permit is connected.
  9. The council will not permit trading unless the permit holder or people employed by them have a current insurance policy against public liability and third party risks. The minimum insurance cover shall be £2 million, and must cover the use of the permit holder’s vehicle, stall, barrow and any additional equipment under they may be using.
  10. The council will not permit trading unless, where necessary, a road closure order has been obtained by the event organiser or individual applicant.
  11. Standard conditions will be imposed unless circumstances dictate otherwise. Additional conditions may be imposed at the discretion of the council.
  12. Where the addition of extra conditions is not adequate to control potential problems, applications will be refused.
  13. Refusal or withdrawal of street trading permits will be normal in the following circumstances:
    1. That there aren't enough pitches available in the street for the applicant to trade without causing undue interference or inconvenience to people using the street.
    2. That there are already enough permit holders or people employed by them trading in the street from shops or other outlets, in the same goods which the applicant wishes to trade.
    3. An applicant or operator of the stall is under the age of 18 years.
    4. That a permit holder or people employed by them has failed to comply with the conditions attached to the permit.
    5. That the street trading may damage the structure or surface of the street.
    6. When adverse comments are received from the consultees.
  14. The council may at any time revoke a permit or vary the conditions of an existing permit where there are reasonable grounds for so doing.
  15. Double pitches will only be issued in exceptional circumstances where demand for permits does not exceed the number of pitches available.
  16. The conditions set out in Appendix B shall apply to the procedure, policy and guidance in respect of any application, made by a registered charity, for a street trading permit in Seaton.
  17. The fees for individual pitches will be charged at the current rate.
  18. Pitches may be booked for a single day or for the duration of an event.