Please read our information about street trading and our guidance to applicants.

You can also read our street trading policy before applying.

How to apply

You can apply online for a street trading consent. 

You'll need to include:

  1. A map of the trading site.  the map should clearly identify the proposed site position by marking the site boundary with a red line.  the map should include the nearest residential and commercial properties to the trading site.  If you're applying for a mobile consent, such as a fish and chip van, you'll need to tell us the exact route you'll want to trade from
  2. A clear passport photograph of yourself and every other person who will trade with you
  3. A colour photograph of the stall, vehicle or barrow to be used
  4. A copy of the certificate of insurance to cover the street trading activity for third party and public liability risks up to a maximum of £5,000,000.
  5. Proof of the your right to work in the UK. 
  6. Copy of food hygiene certificate from relevant local authority (to include which authority) if you're selling food
  7. Written permission from the owner of the land where the street trading is to be carried out on land which is not a public highway.  Applications cannot be accepted if permission has not been given, whatever the reason.  Permissions given by leaseholders to use land for street trading purposes will only be accepted where the terms of the lease permits the type of street trading activity being applied for.
    • For information about the use of council owned land, please contact our street scene department at Council Offices, Knowle, Sidmouth, EX10 8HL.  You can telephone them on 01395 517528 or email:
    • For information about the use of beaches owned by the council, please contact our property services department at Council Offices, Knowle, Sidmouth, EX10 8HL.  You can telephone them on 01395 516551 or
  8. A recent gas safety inspection certificate for any gas appliances used as part of the business. Generators may not be used or permitted for sidmouth folk week pitches or at some other locations.  If you want to use a generator when street trading you will need to give us details of the noise rating, fuel type and storage arrangements. 

Charitable street trading consents

If you're applying for a charitable street trading consent, you'll also need you to tell us the details of individual traders and what goods will be sold on each stall.

We'll need to know if these traders are covered by the charity's insurance or their own insurance policies.


You will need to pay a fee for the consent.  Please make sure you are aware of how much this will cost.