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Policy Hackney carriage vehicle and driver licensing policy

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2. Vehicle licence conditions

  1. The proprietor of a hackney carriage shall:
    1. provide sufficient means by which a person in the carriage may communicate with the driver;
    2. cause the roof or covering to be kept water-tight
    3. provide any necessary windows and a means of opening and closing not less than one window on each side
    4. cause the seats to be properly cushioned or covered
    5. cause the floor to be provided with a proper carpet, mat or other suitable covering
    6. cause the fittings and furniture generally to be kept in a clean condition, well maintained and in every way fit for public use
    7. provide means for securing luggage particularly if a vehicle is a hatchback, estate or FX4
    8. provide an efficient fire extinguisher which shall be carried in such a position as to be readily available for use.
  2. Each hackney carriage shall carry a first aid kit sufficient for the reasonable needs of the passengers.
  3. Licensed vehicles must be of manufacturers’ specification.
  4. Each hackney carriage shall have three rear seat belts fitted.
  5. The proprietor of a hackney carriage shall cause the same to be provided with a taximeter so constructed, attached and maintained as to comply with the following requirements, that is to say:
    1. The taximeter shall be fitted with a key, flat or other device, the operating of which will bring the machinery of the taximeter into action and cause the word 'hired' to appear on the face of the taximeter.
    2. Such key, flat or other device shall be capable of being locked in such a position that the machinery of the taximeter is not in action and that no fare is recorded on the face of the taximeter.
    3. When the machinery of the taximeter is in action, there shall be recorded on the face of the taximeter in clearly legible figures a fare not exceeding the rate or fare which the proprietor or driver is entitled to demand and take for the hire of the carriage by distance and time in pursuance of the fare tariff fixed by us.
    4. The word 'fare tariff' shall be printed on the face of the taximeter in plain letters so as clearly to apply to the fare recorded thereon.
    5. The taximeter shall be so placed that all letters and figures on the face thereof are at all times plainly visible to any person being conveyed in the carriage, and for that purpose the letters and figures shall be capable of being suitably illuminated during any period of hiring.
    6. The taximeter and all the fittings thereof shall be so affixed to the carriage with seals or other appliances that it shall not be practicable for any person to tamper with them except by breaking, damaging or permanently displacing the seals or other appliances.
    7. Tariff sheets must be displayed inside the vehicle at all times.
  6. The proprietor of the hackney carriage shall give notification of transfer of ownership to us in writing within 14 days of transfer specifying the name and address of the person to whom the hackney carriage has been transferred (s.49 Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976.
  7. The licence and plate shall relate exclusively to the vehicle in respect of which it is issued and shall not be transferred to any other vehicle.
  8. All accidents causing damage materially affecting safety, performance or appearance of a vehicle or comfort or convenience of passengers, shall be notified in writing to us by the proprietor as soon as reasonably practicable and in any case within seventy two hours (s.50(3) LG (MP) Act 1976).
  9. The licence may be revoked or suspended if the licence holder fails to provide a vehicle for inspection when required to do so by us in accordance with the LG (MP) Act 1976 or fails to supply within the time specified information of the address at which the vehicle is kept.
  10. The licensee shall notify us in writing of any change of address within seven days of such change.
  11. A hackney carriage vehicle shall be driven only by an appropriately licensed and insured driver except when driven by a mechanic on test.
  12. The proprietor shall within seven days disclose to us in writing details of any convictions imposed on him (and if the proprietor is a company or partnership, any conviction against any of the directors, the secretary or partners) during the period of the licence (s.57 LG (MP) Act 1976).
  13. A fee determined by us will be charged whenever a vehicle is substituted for one already licensed during the licensing year.
  14. A hackney carriage vehicle licensed by us shall not at the same time be licensed as a hackney carriage or private hire vehicle by any other district council.
  15. The proprietor of a hackney carriage shall cause the plate supplied by us bearing the number of the licence granted to him in respect of the carriage to be affixed to the outside rear of the carriage and the number of the said licence shall also be shown on the inside of the carriage.
  16. A proprietor of a hackney carriage shall:
    1. not wilfully or negligently cause or suffer any such number to be concealed from public view while the carriage is standing or plying for hire
    2. not cause or permit the carriage to stand or ply for hire with any such plate so defaced that any figure or material particular is illegible.
  17. The plate supplied by us identifying it as a hackney carriage vehicle and displaying the licence number and passenger seat capacity of the vehicle shall be affixed on the outside of the vehicle on, immediately above or below the rear bumper and shall be kept clean and clearly visible at all times.
  18. Vehicles to be licensed for the first time from 1 March 2004 by us as hackney carriage vehicles must be right hand drive.