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Policy Private hire vehicle, operator and driver licensing policy

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7. Private hire driver's licence - conditions

  1. The driver of a vehicle shall behave in a civil and orderly manner and shall take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of persons conveyed in or entering or alighting from the vehicle.
  2. A driver who has agreed or has been hired to be in attendance with a vehicle at an appointed time and place shall, unless delayed or prevented by some sufficient cause, punctually attend with such vehicle at such appointed time and place.
  3. The driver when hired to drive shall not, without reasonable cause unnecessarily prolong, in distance or time, the journey for which the vehicle has been hired.
    1. The driver shall not convey or permit to be conveyed in a licensed vehicle a greater number of persons than that prescribed in the licence for that vehicle.
    2. The driver shall not, without the consent of the hirer of the vehicle, convey or permit to be conveyed any other person in that vehicle.
  4. The driver's badge issued by us (following a deposit of £15) shall be worn in such a manner as to be plainly and distinctly visible. The driver shall upon expiry (without immediate renewal), revocation or suspension of the licence forthwith return to us the badge failing which the deposit shall not be refundable by the council.
  5. The driver of a vehicle shall, when requested:
    1. convey a reasonable quantity of luggage
    2. afford reasonable assistance in loading and unloading luggage
    3. afford reasonable assistance in removing such luggage to or from the entrance to any house, station or place at which he may pick up or set down such person
  6. No driver shall drive a private hire vehicle unless that vehicle and the operator thereof are licensed to operate within the area under the control of the council.
  7. The driver shall not ply for hire.
  8. After completion of each hiring, drivers will return with the vehicles to their base of operations unless previously booked for hiring.
  9. The driver shall keep in his vehicle in the form of a hard back book with consecutively pre-numbered pages a current record which shall contain:
    1. name and address of person for whom the booking is made
    2. pick-up point
    3. time of pick-up
    4. destination
    5. time of arrival at destination
    The record shall be produced on demand to an authorised officer of the council or any police constable.
  10. The driver shall notify us in writing of any change of address within seven days.
  11. No radio communication system fitted or carried in the vehicle shall be used by any person whether directly or indirectly for the purpose of making any contract for carriage in that or any other vehicle.