The new requirements of the Equality Act 2010 came into force on 6 April 2017. 

Sections 165 to 167 of the Equality Act 2010 make it a criminal offence for drivers of designated taxi and specified private hire vehicles to:

  • refuse to carry passengers in standard manual wheelchairs
  • fail to provide passengers in a wheelchair with appropriate assistance
  • charge those passengers extra

The requirements of section 165 do not apply to drivers who have a valid medical exemption certificate and are displaying a valid exemption notices.  If you are exempt then you will have been issued with two exemption notices.  These must be displayed as follows:

  • One in the near side window for approaching passengers and wheelchair users to see
  • One in the rear window of your vehicle so any driver behind you on the rank will be aware of your exemption

The exemption notice is not transferable and if the vehicle is shared by another user you must make sure the notice is removed before somebody else uses the vehicle.

Wheelchair accessible vehicles licensed by East Devon

We maintain a full list of licensed hackney carriage and private hire vehicles in East Devon which are wheelchair accessible.

This register is also the designated list for the purposes of section 165 of the Equality Act 2010.

Wheelchair accessible hackney carriages:

  • Licence Number: HV0801
    Vehicle Make/Model: Peugeot Eurobus 
    Registration Number: SF10 LCL
    Operator: Peak Travel Services
  • Licence Number: HV0084
    Vehicle Make/Model: Peugeot Horizon
    Registration Number: SF13 HYL
    Operator: Peak Travel Services
  • Licence Number: HV0091
    Vehicle Make/Model: Peugeot Horizon
    Registration Number: SF61 HFH
    Operator: Peak Travel Services
  • Licence Number: HV0510
    Vehicle Make/Model: Citroen Dispatch
    Registration Number: SP07 EFN
    Operator: Peak Travel Services
  • Licence Number: HV0092
    Vehicle Make/Model: Peugeot Premier
    Registration Number: SF13 FUG
    Operator: Bee Line
  • Licence Number: HV0504
    Vehicle Make/Model: Peugeot Independence
    Registration Number: SF62 AAX
    Operator: Bee Line

Wheelchair accessible private hire vehicles:

  • Licence Number: PV0600
    Vehicle Make/Model: Peugeot Tepee
    Registration Number: WA66 DPZ
    Operator: Stamps Coaches
  • Licence Number: PV0800
    Vehicle Make/Model: Ford Transit
    Registration Number: YR11 FGD
    Operator: Stamps Coaches