“Waves shape the shore”: “Shore shapes the waves”

Seaton Jurassic seeks public views on proposed information point at Fisherman’s Gap

This Saturday (28 February) the project team for Seaton Jurassic – including East Devon District Council and Devon Wildlife Trust – will be out and about during Grizfest to hear views on the proposed new sculptures for Fisherman’s Gap.

The sculptures, if approved, will form one of four new information/meeting points to encourage visitors to Seaton Jurassic to explore the Seaton landscape and the Jurassic Coast.  The other locations are Seaton Wetlands, Axmouth Harbour and Seaton Hole.  The information/meeting points will provide a recognisable and memorable focal point for events and activities and will include interpretation pillars. These pillars will be a uniform design reflecting the strata – Jurassic, Triassic and Cretaceous – of the Jurassic Coast.  

East Devon’s Development Management Committee (DMC) earlier this month asked for further public consultation on the proposed ‘waves’ structure. The waves are inspired by the location to be a gateway to the sea and aim to help people learn more about the forces that shape this dynamic landscape.  It will be made of stainless steel so will be strong and resistant to an extreme environment but with reflective qualities allowing the sea to reflect the sky.  The Environment Agency has approved the design.  The open structure of the waves means the view is not obscured and any storm waves can pass through with minimal resistance. 

Councillor Ian Thomas, chair of the Seaton Regeneration Board and cabinet member for economy said:

It is important that we go back to DMC with the views of a wide range of people – locals and visitors. With so many people in Seaton this weekend it is the ideal opportunity to find out people’s views on this particular information/meeting point.  These are a key element of the new centre ensuring that visitors not only have the opportunity to find out more about our stunning coastline at first hand, but also be reminded of the delights the centre itself has to offer. The waves at Fisherman’s Gap will be an exciting addition to Seaton creating a gateway to both the sea and the town and representing the interaction between the land and the sea.

The artisan market runs from 10am until 3pm on Saturday in Windsor Gardens and Grizfest takes place throughout the weekend with activities for all the family and children’s races on Saturday followed by the challenging 20 mile Grizzly run on Sunday.  To assist the organisers, Kier – the contractor for Seaton Jurassic – has kindly agreed to create some additional parking at the Seaton Jurassic car park on The Underfleet for this weekend only.  East Devon District Council is providing free car parking in its car parks on Sunday for Grizzly runners and spectators.

Anyone who wants to submit their view but is unable to attend can visit our Facebook page /seatonjurassic to leave a comment or contact the Planning team on  01395 517475.