Good health! Alison Hayes at your service in Cranbrook Pharmacy.

Town’s first shop is just what the Doctor ordered

East Devon District Council’s Leader has welcomed the opening today (Monday 9 March) of a new pharmacy for residents of Cranbrook.

The new facility is located within the Younghayes Centre, the community building that was completed soon after the first cluster of homes was built at Cranbrook, and is the latest in a series of firsts for the new town, which is rapidly taking shape.

Councillor Paul Diviani said:

I’m delighted that the long-awaited pharmacy is now open for business. It will be much more convenient for Cranbrook residents to get their prescriptions from a local pharmacy, as well as being able to buy over-the-counter remedies and other goods.

This is the latest in a series of milestones that show how quickly Cranbrook is moving from an idea to a place where families can live and thrive. I look forward to many more such milestones during 2015 as the new town continues to take shape and become a stand-alone community that East Devon can be proud of.


The new pharmacy is managed by Alison Hayes and is open daily from 8.30 am to 6.00 pm Monday to Saturday and 9.00am to 12.00 noon on Sundays. These times may change after a few months of trading. The pharmacy already has its own Facebook page.

Alison said:

After eight years of planning and two years of negotiations, Cranbrook Pharmacy had finally opened its doors to the public. Some have asked – what’s it like to be the first ‘shop’ in Cranbrook? That’s odd because I don’t see us as a shop - although we do sell a small range of essentials (limited by space).

But we do provide a full range of NHS Pharmacy services including dispensing of prescriptions and treatment of minor ailments (Pharmacy First Scheme). Having lived and worked in East Devon for over 20 years and as the local Independent Community Pharmacy, I’m looking forward to becoming part of the lively, enthusiastic and growing community of Cranbrook.