Erin Ellis , 11 and Isobel Turner 10, with their bird's nest material dispensers and bunting flags

Easter Egg Challenge successes at Cranbrook and Seaton Wetlands

East Devon District Council's two Easter Egg Challenge Days took place amid gloriously sunny weather at Cranbrook Country Park and at Seaton Wetlands during the Easter holidays, co-ordinated jointly by rangers from the Countryside team.

Families had great fun joining  in numerous activities, including the egg treasure trail, where participants had to find and correctly identify different wild birds' 'eggs', which had been hidden in the nature reserve.

Making a bird's nest material dispenser proved a popular activity, with children using a pine cone to hold a selection of natural materials suitable for wild birds to use for lining their nests. The finished results, when hung up in people’s gardens, should encourage a wide variety of birds looking for cosy home furnishing options.

The ancient Japanese art of Hapa Zome (literally translated as leaf-dyeing) was enjoyed by everyone attending the Easter Egg Challenge days. For the uninitiated, Hapa Zome involves transferring flower images and colours onto fabric by literally beating the plants – a highly therapeutic activity! Beautiful individual bunting flags were created by laying cotton material over lush green leaves and brightly coloured flowers, then smashing them with a hammer - with striking results.

The highlight of the event was a challenge to design an egg launcher. Each family was given a bucket of potentially useful items (including some that were deliberately irrelevant) so they could invent a device for launching an egg as far as possible without using hands. Some ingenious gadgets were created, but the winners came up with a very simple design with which they managed to lob the egg an impressive 174 metres. If you think you can beat this, don’t miss next year’s Easter Egg Challenge.

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