Lympstone Neighbourhood Plan is now officially ‘made’ and will help determine planning applications

Cabinet has voted in favour of adopting Lympstone’s plan as part of future development in East Devon

Lympstone’s Neighbourhood Plan has now officially been ‘made’ and will be used in determining planning applications - it will sit alongside the Council’s local plan. The plan is the first of 27 Neighbourhood Plans currently in production in East Devon to be adopted and its policies and proposals will give the local community a greater say in development decisions for the area.

Following Cabinet on Wednesday 15 April, when councillors agreed to adopt Lympstone’s Plan, the council will be writing to Lympstone’s Neighbourhood Plan Group to congratulate its members on all their hard work. The Lympstone Plan will heavily influence the decision making process of any development in the parish and is the product of considerable community engagement, having been prepared by a mix of Parish Councillors and the community.

All planning applications in Lympstone will now be judged against the village’s neighbourhood plan, as well as the council’s planning policies and the National Planning Policy Framework. Now that the plan has been ‘made’, the Parish Council will be eligible to receive 25% of Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) receipts for development within the parish (once the CIL charging scheme has been adopted).

At a referendum held at the Lympstone Methodist Church Hall on 26 March 2015, a clear majority of 86.5% voted in favour of the plan, which allocates four sites for development of 40 houses up to 2026. It contains a total of 17 policies, which cover the protection of local open spaces, together with the scale and design of new development and the promotion of retail uses.

The plan also identifies a series of ‘community actions’ that will be followed up by the Parish Council in subsequent years. A copy of the declaration of result can be found here.

We’re delighted that the Lympstone community has voted so clearly in favour of the Neighbourhood Plan. It culminates three years of hard work from Parish Councillors and the community and we hope it will be the first of many to be adopted in East Devon,

said Richard Cohen, Deputy Chief Executive of East Devon District Council.

Neighbourhood Planning gives an opportunity for communities to have a real say in planning decisions made in their area and we are dedicating considerable time and resource to support groups interested in producing a Plan.

A copy of the final Neighbourhood Plan can be found on the Parish website.