Honiton Town Council and East Devon District Council have worked together to provide Honiton residents with a brand new sports activity wall

The £15,000 sports wall is due to be put into Allhallows recreation field before the end of June and will be free of charge to users. The wall will have markings and a goal for five-a-side football, basketball or netball and cricket.

The project has been funded by Section 106 money, which has been collected by the council from the developers responsible for several new housing schemes in Honiton. We then involve the community in how these funds are allocated.

Last year, East Devon District Council and a group of Honiton Town Councillors asked community groups, residents and other organisations to put forward their ideas as to how £50,000 of available Section 106 sports funding should be spent. Three eligible and affordable potential proposals were submitted, including an idea for the sports activity wall, which a local resident championed after talking to a group of young people about what they would like to see the money used for.

East Devon District Council usually works closely with the town council to introduce a list of possible projects to the community and to encourage local residents to vote on the ideas they want to see realised. This wasn’t necessary here as all the projects could be funded within the £50,000 budget. A group of Honiton town councillors then chose the final design of the sports activity wall.

We have agreed to pay the ongoing maintenance and inspection costs of the sports activity wall once it is in place.

There were two other projects funded that have both now happened:

  • A petanque court at Mountbatten Sports and Social Club at a cost of a maximum of £14,400. There are currently people in Honiton that play petanque and have to travel many miles to be able to play. Update: This has now happened and was opened in March 2015, a press release was sent about the opening
  • Installing a permanent safety barrier around one of the rugby pitches at Allhallows Field. This will help to bring the facilities up to the standard of other clubs playing at their level and will meet some of the recommendations the Rugby Football Union make for safety purposes. They bid for £20,500 for the supply of materials, and will provide the funding for machinery hire and labour costs themselves. Update: This has now been installed by the rugby club