Restrictions for dogs on beaches came into force from 1 May 2015

Seasonal controls for dogs on beaches are now in force

Along with other coastal authorities, East Devon District Council has designated areas on each of its beaches for many years where people can enjoy the beach and sea away from dogs. There are no changes to the areas where dogs are welcome, but this year the council has renewed the signs at the beaches to make the message clearer. 

Everyone likes to enjoy the beach but we know that users like to use the beach in different ways, and many people and families like to stay away from areas where dogs are running free.  There are still plenty of areas where dog walkers can enjoy the beaches, too, with dogs both on and off the lead. 

More information can be found here on the council’s website.   

We also encourage all dog owners to read our dog newsletter The Daily Wag.   

All dog owners are reminded that they must pick up after their dog wherever they walk in East Devon, and to also comply with the Dogs on Lead areas.  The council has renewed some signage for this, too, and we are using temporary pavement stencils as an extra reminder. 

Council staff will inform dog owners about the various bye-laws if they see them not being complied with, but dog owners should be aware that fixed penalty notices for £80 will be issued wherever appropriate.